We support activists from civil society and social movements


What we do


We organize practical solidarity for activists at risk. We support them to go into hiding, to continue working or, if necessary, to seek safety abroad.


We support the development and design of public campaigns with the help of which demands can be formulated and delivered to the targeted addressees.


We want to achieve concrete changes and exert pressure on political decision-makers. Together with those affected, we raise awareness for the situation of activists at risk.


We network with activists around the world and collaborate closely with actors from German-speaking and European civil society.

Recent acitvities


Supporting the solidarity of the Armenian diaspora. Since mid-December, a hitherto little-noticed humanitarian catastrophe has been brewing in the Caucasus between the powers of Russia, Turkey and the EU. For nearly three months, Azerbaijan has blocked the Lachin Corridor...

Anti War Event

Against the war - left perspectives from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. An evaluation of the event on 02.07.2022 The event Wider den Krieg - linke Perspektiven aus der Ukraine, Belarus und Russland on 02.07.2022 should provide a stage for the...

FFF-aktivist Arshak

Arshak Makichyan is a violinist and co-founder of the Fridays For Future movement in Russia. Arshak regularly protested in Moscow on Pushkin Square against the government's climate policy. After the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, he critisized the war.

About us

We are activists from the migration and climate justice movements, journalists, artists, and scholars concerned about freedom of civil movements. We bring experience from the conflicts in the Balkans, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, the EU external borders, and Ukraine. We network with activists around the world - and are well connected within German and European civil society. Together, we want to support progressive activists around the world and enable them to live in safety.

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